Charles Gyselbrecht is the Director of Medical Review at THE DRAKULICH FIRM, APLC.  Mr. Gyselbrecht has been with THE DRAKULICH FIRM, APLC for over ten years.  With his background education in nursing, Mr. Gyselbrecht has specialized knowledge in medical terminology and hospital procedures.  Mr. Gyselbrecht oversees the review of our clients’ medical records.

Mr. Gyselbrecht contributes to the firm’s personal injury, medical malpractice, and product liability cases.  Mr. Gyselbrecht creates the protocol for ordering targeted medical records, organizes the team of reviewers, and analyses the substantive entries in the client’s medical records.

Each case is unique and often the underlying science to prove causation in pharmaceutical drug and medical device litigation is a recent discovery.  Therefore, Mr. Gyselbrecht reads the entire catalogue of relevant peer reviewed scientific and medical literature on a drug or device and helps establish THE DRAKULICH FIRM, APLC’s intake criteria and operating practices for case selection.

Mr. Gyselbrecht’s primary duty is assessing injuries for initial intake and coordinating with experts for ultimate causation opinions.  This causation analysis takes great discretion in differentiating the relevant injuries from other confounding health problems and takes independent judgment in how the injury has affected the client as a whole. These are matters of the utmost significance.

The personal connection developed with each patient as well as the multi-tasking honed in the hospital setting has contributed to his abilities in litigation. Mr. Gyselbrecht personally discusses the details of clients’ health with the clients to better understand their injuries as well as to ensure that something is not lost from the records. Mr. Gyselbrecht routinely follows up with the clients about any updates to their wellbeing, developing a familiar and personal relationship with each client.

Mr. Gyselbrecht was born and raised in San Diego, California.  He takes great pride in helping THE DRAKULICH FIRM help people recover for the wrongful harm caused to them.