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Qui Tam Law/False Claims Act

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If you have reason to believe that your employer or another business is misrepresenting something to or defrauding the U.S. government, you may be considering blowing the whistle. If you do, your action falls under the False Claims Act, which has a qui tam provision allowing people outside the government to file a lawsuit on behalf of the government. The attorneys of The Drakulich Firm, A Professional Law Corporation, with more than 75 years’ combined experience, represent whistleblower cases in California and Nevada.

What is the False Claims Act?

The False Claims Act originated under Abraham Lincoln’s administration during the Civil War. Some suppliers to the Union Army were selling the government shoddy weapons and other equipment. To prevent this, Congress passed the False Claims Act. This act has been amended and revised several times since, most recently in 2010.

Under today’s False Claims Act, if you see or suspect that a supplier of products or services to the federal government is not complying with the contract or is otherwise acting fraudulently, you can sue that company on behalf of the government, in a qui tam lawsuit. This type of suit is based on English common law: The first two words, “qui tam,” are part of a Latin phrase that may be translated as “someone who pursues this action as much for the king as for himself.” If the lawsuit results in penalties against the company, you receive a portion of the penalty payments.

The False Claims Act applies to the following types of fraud:

  • Government fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Healthcare fraud

If you suspect an act of fraud or misrepresentation in your workplace, you should be able to bring it to the attention of management following procedures established by your company. If there are no such procedures in place, however, or if you are concerned that doing so would jeopardize your job or career, then consult an attorney experienced with whistleblower claims and qui tam law, such as the attorneys at The Drakulich Firm.

You should also seek legal help if your employer responds to you by downplaying the activity, asking you to ignore it or even asking you to participate in covering it up. Taking no action or participating, even unwillingly, in a cover-up may make you liable for criminal charges. As attorneys experienced in the False Claims Act, we can advise you on the appropriate action to take, and represent you if need be.

State whistleblower laws in California and Nevada

In addition to federal law, each state has its own whistleblower laws that address:

  • Liabilities
  • Penalties
  • Who can bring a whistleblower suit
  • Who can share in any rewards
  • Protection for the whistleblower

These, along with the federal False Claims Act, make whistleblower cases complex. If you have a whistleblower claim in California or Nevada, our attorneys have the skills and experience to help.

Discuss your qui tam law matter with an experienced False Claims Act lawyer

To learn more about how The Drakulich Firm, A Professional Law Corporation can represent you in a potential False Claims Act/qui tam law matter, call us at 877-736-3711 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation today. Our appointment schedule is flexible for your convenience. Our offices are located in San Diego, CA and Reno, NV.

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