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Whistleblower Claims

Seasoned Attorneys Handle Whistleblower Claims in California and Nevada

Representing clients who report wrongdoing or fraud by their employers

A whistleblower is an employee who suspects his employer is engaging in illegal or fraudulent activity and reports that activity to appropriate authorities. While federal law protects employees who report such actions, it doesn’t always stop employers from retaliating against them. If you have brought your concerns to your company’s management and been rebuffed, told to ignore the situation or asked to help cover it up, your employer may have put you in a position of criminal liability. The lawyers at The Drakulich Firm, A Professional Law Corporation, can represent you in making your claim and help defend your legal rights.

Our firm prides itself on being:

  • Accomplished — We are widely recognized and have received numerous accolades. Our principal, Nicholas J. Drakulich, has spearheaded several nationally prominent cases
  • Trusted — We understand how important it is for whistleblowers to trust their attorneys. We do all we can to forge trusting relationships with our clients based on open and honest communication
  • Family oriented — We take the time to get to know each client and his or her family — and we treat you as a member of our own family
  • Committed — We take on only the cases we truly believe in. Sometimes those cases seem lost causes or have been turned down by other firms. No matter the odds, once we take on a case, we work tirelessly toward a successful conclusion

Defending your whistleblower case against most types of commercial and government entities

Whistleblowers make claims against a variety of business and government entities. As a result, whistleblower laws are complex and are different in each state. Our experienced lawyers at The Drakulich Firm have the skills and resources to represent you in any of the following types of cases:

Qui tam law/False Claims Act. If you work for a government contractor in California or Nevada and have reason to believe that the company is not meeting the contract standards or requirements or is defrauding the government, you may be in a position to make a qui tam claim. This is a lawsuit by the government against the contractor. If the claim is valid and the suit succeeds, you may be eligible for a percentage of the recovery. Our attorneys can advise you on whether you have a qui tam case. In the event that you do, we can file the case with the government and represent your interests.

Whistleblowing on government fraud. If you have reason to believe that your employer is defrauding the government, our Nevada and California government fraud attorneys can discuss the situation with you and represent your legal interests.

Whistleblowing on tax fraud. Corporate tax fraud is a serious matter but can be difficult to prove in a court of law because it requires knowledge of accounting practices, state and federal tax laws and tax fraud laws. Our attorneys in Nevada and California are experienced in tax fraud cases.

Whistleblowing on corporate fraud. Corporate fraud can have far-reaching consequences: Fraudulent acts can affect consumer safety, the environment and stockholders. The corporate fraud attorneys of The Drakulich Firm are experienced with corporate fraud cases.

Whistleblowing on healthcare fraud. Healthcare fraud comprises many areas. It can include:

  • Misrepresenting Medicare and Medicaid claims
  • Fraudulent representations by a hospital or other healthcare facility
  • Misleading or fraudulent product and device claims by a drug company or medical device manufacturer

If you suspect your employer has committed healthcare fraud, contact us. We discuss your concerns and decide whether you have a case.

Retaliation  against whistleblowers. If you are concerned about retaliation for blowing the whistle on an employer, know that federal and state whistleblower laws prohibit employers in certain industries from retaliating. Anti-discrimination and other laws also give the whistleblower the right to sue a harassing employer. We understand that it is important for you to trust your attorneys, who may be the only shield you have. The attorneys of The Drakulich Firm do all we can to forge trust based on open and honest communication.

Discuss your case with an experienced whistleblower claims lawyer

To learn how The Drakulich Firm, A Professional Law Corporation can represent you in your whistleblower claim, contact us online or call us at 877-736-3711 to schedule a free initial consultation today. Our appointment schedule is flexible for your convenience. Our offices are located in San Diego, CA and Reno, NV.

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